We’re on the move!

by Soul
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Published on: 25/12/2012

Yes folks, it’s time for the forums to be moved to a new server.  This process should only take a few hours if everything goes smoothly … if not, it could take all night (and possibly some of tomorrow).

This website should be unaffected by the move, so keep a check on here and I’ll try and keep you all updated as to how I’m getting on.

– Soul 🙂


UPDATE 1: 25th Dec @ 23:00

So far things are not going as planned.  I have the forums copied to the new server, but for some reason the templates (i.e. how it looks) are not working.  I have been trying for hours now with no luck, so I think it’s time for a sleep and I’ll tackle it in the morning.


UPDATE 2: 26-Dec @ Midday

Things are looking a lot better now – the main templates are working, and now it’s just a case of going through ALL the forum settings to ensure they are correct (as the latest forum software didn’t inherit the old settings in the upgrade process).  So, hopefully a few more hours work, and you’ll all be able to get back on the site 🙂

UPDATE 3: 26-Dec @ 14:50

We’re nearly there! I’m just performing some site maintenance and then a quick test of the forum itself. Then, you guys and girls will be free to log in 🙂

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