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Right, I know the new site will take a bit of getting used to, but trust me, you’ll pick it up quickly 😉  Read on for more information…


If you want to return to the “Home” page, simply click on the “UKHAC” text at the top of the page.

If any article goes on to finish with […] – simply click on the title of that article, or the “[…]” to open the full article.

Some “Pages” in the Menu may have sub-pages.  If they do, when you put your mouse over the menu item, a sub-menu will appear beside / below it, and when you put your mouse over an item in that list, other menu options might appear.  You can click on any item to open it’s page … but if you click on a menu item which has extra pages, you might only get a short page explaining what that section is all about.


New Stuff:

There’s lot’s of new stuff in the new website.  Registration for the website is locked so that no-one can register manually (this is because a LOT of spammers create accounts and post junk).  Once you have reached a certain level on the forums, you will see a new section allowing you to ask for an account on this website.  Please only request an account if you are interested in posting constructive posts on this website.  Any abuse of your privileges on the (this) website will see your website and forum accounts be suspended or even terminated without notice.

You may notice some of the fancy features that are in the new website … but the lack of content (i.e. information).  Please don’t worry, the information from the old website isn’t lost, it’s just on it’s way.  It’s going to take a little while to transfer the old information to the new website, especially as we are looking to make guides in PDF format, so that people can print them off properly to follow at their own convenience 😀


Is that it?

I think I’ve covered everything for now, but if you have any problems or comments to make, please feel free to post them in the UKHAC forums, and I’ll do what I can to update this page to contain the relevant information to help you 🙂

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