X3, LC, LC2, MC – What does it mean?

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You will probably see the terms X3, LC, LC2 and MC around the Website and Forums quite a bit, and for those that don’t know what they mean, I bet it’s got you scratching your heads quite a bit.

Basically, each term refers to a specific model of Accent. For example, you could say the X3 is the first or “Mark 1” Accent, the LC is the second or “Mark 2” Accent, etc.  The model number only refers to the years that model was made / sold in – they do not have any relation to the engine size, trim specification, or whether the car is a 3 door, 5 door or 4 door saloon.

Below is a brief summary of each model, including some details of it’s history (if available), engine sizes and the trim specifications.

Please note :- This post is about models released in (or knowingly imported into) the UK.  Therefore any reference is pretty much purely about UK models, though some details may be mentioned about models released outside the UK which may be hard to confirm…


X3 – 1995-2000

Manufactured from 1995 to 1999 (with some being registered late as far as 2000, or even one 2001 example I’ve seen to date), this was the first Hyundai Accent sold in the UK and abroad.  In Korea, the X3 was originally called by it’s predecessors name – the “Pony” (the X1 and X2 models), but after a marketing re-think, they re-branded it the “Accent”.  If you look on your VIN plate, it will still say “Pony” though.

In 1997, there was a slight re-design of the X3.  The changes were not many, but I’ve listed the ones I know of below:
New front bumper design, incorporating recesses for fog lights (normally with yellow lenses, but clear lenses were an optional extra).
Change in environmental controls.  The slider type controls were replaced with rotary dials and a slightly different center console fascia.
Slightly different rear suspension setup.  If I remember correctly, the rear springs were changed from conical to cylindrical springs to improve strength and reliability in the rear suspension.


1349cc – 12 valve, SOHC Manual
These engines were released through all variants of the X3.  It was available with a manual or automatic gearbox.

1495cc – 12 valve SOHC Manual
These engines were only available in the 5-door hatchback, and 4-door saloon in the UK.  However abroad, there was a 3-door “Coupe” version released under the trim spec “GT”.  This engine was also available with a manual or automatic gearbox – however I have yet to see an automatic version.

1495cc – 16 valve DOHC Manual
These engines were only fitted to the 3-door hatchback “MVI Coupe”.  There are about 3 or 4 variants of this engine (which I’m still trying to get information on).  The last version was the G4FK engine. The MVI only came with a manual gearbox.


LC – 2000-2002

This model of Accent was completely re-designed to produce a more angular shaped body with a larger interior space than the X3.  It is the model that was modified to produce the Hyundai Accent Rally Car … though of the rally car, only about 10% of it is original.

This model was only available in either 3-door or 5-door hatchback’s, but this time Hyundai added the option of a Diesel engine to the mix.


LC2 – 2002-2005

This model was the “Facelift” version of the LC … though to be honest, they changed so much it’s pretty much a differnt car apart from it’s looks.  It looks fairly similar to the LC, except that it’s slightly more rounded off and the headlights are bigger 🙂


MC – 2005-2007

This model was the last version of the Hyundai Accent to be released in the UK.  Despite a very good looking concept car for the “Sporty” version, Hyundai unfortunately dulled it right down and the model released in the UK only came with one engine in two options – a 1.4 litre engine in manual or automatic.  The car was also limited to only 4 colours with very few trim options … hence it didn’t prove very popular (I think to date we’ve only had a single member in the Forums with an MC Accent!).


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